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iPhone is alive! [Jun. 16th, 2011|01:37 pm]
Apple Pro Users



In March iPhone has made boast of it’s new update. It would seem that there couldn’t be any minuses: the platform was upgraded, everything should work even better...but no such luck. Update at this time was much more serious than before. Above all, the new version of the applephone has dropped support for audio format AMR. There were no signs of problems, but then users' messages about problems in Toozla work started to come from everywhere.

As you know, our guides have some difference with others: tours are conducted mainly in the audio format and we have chosen AMR format for this purposes. This is a natural format for data transmission in GSM, very compact, which allows to save on bandwidth to our users. As a result of the gradual update, all devices based on iOS stopped playing audio. 

We had to sit down and research and make corrections in the back of the complex. We came to the decision for iPhone and iPad to use audio in mp3 format. It is several times heavier than the AMR (unfortunately, the owners of devises from Apple will have to deal with the increased cost of Internet traffic), but tests have shown that the loading of the stories takes place in a reasonable time and also allows you to receive relevant information about the objects.  

So now we can hardily say: Toozla for iOS, still alive, waiting for all iPhone owners for a walk to learn a little more about the city in which they live or may be  traveling.