New iPhone - new Toozla!


Dear Friends! We are finally pleased to share news with you about a new version of Toozla for iOS! On January 25, 2012 it became available for free in AppStore.

First of all, what is Toozla?
Toozla is a mobile service that combines a global positioning system with audio tours and stories, user content, and local information, it is a mobile guide, which follows you wherever you go! And it also allows you to record your own voice messages about all around for our users can get non-oficial points of view about those places, where they are now.

So, application for iPhone was released long ago, and time for a new version has come! For example, in previous version there was no map.
Toozla for Samsung bada, Nokia Symbian and MeeGo has received a map long time, so it’s necessity has been confirmed in practice. The application for iOS now uses Google map.

We also wanted Toozla for iPhone to be not only functional but beautiful either, so we have planned redesign for this version of the application. After all, handsome phone deserves truly beautiful apps:)

As a result, we didn't make ​​changes, we've done completely redesign.

Here, check it by yourselves:


           used to be                                                      now :)

Current update is the most significant over the past two years. The application received: a fundamentally new design, modification of algorithms of work with content, more convenient access to stories and a map for navigation in an unfamiliar city. The map is not only convenient to walk with around the city, it also allows users to see the location of important objects and choose the direction of movement toward the highest concentration of audio guides. It is worth recalling that the system contains over 2 million audio tracks in 16 languages.

Now we'll be pleased to receive any feedback from your useage of our new app for we can make it even better! :)

iPhone is alive!

In March iPhone has made boast of it’s new update. It would seem that there couldn’t be any minuses: the platform was upgraded, everything should work even better...but no such luck. Update at this time was much more serious than before. Above all, the new version of the applephone has dropped support for audio format AMR. There were no signs of problems, but then users' messages about problems in Toozla work started to come from everywhere.

As you know, our guides have some difference with others: tours are conducted mainly in the audio format and we have chosen AMR format for this purposes. This is a natural format for data transmission in GSM, very compact, which allows to save on bandwidth to our users. As a result of the gradual update, all devices based on iOS stopped playing audio. 

We had to sit down and research and make corrections in the back of the complex. We came to the decision for iPhone and iPad to use audio in mp3 format. It is several times heavier than the AMR (unfortunately, the owners of devises from Apple will have to deal with the increased cost of Internet traffic), but tests have shown that the loading of the stories takes place in a reasonable time and also allows you to receive relevant information about the objects.  

So now we can hardily say: Toozla for iOS, still alive, waiting for all iPhone owners for a walk to learn a little more about the city in which they live or may be  traveling.

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проблемы с перегоном через файрвайр в кате

Подскажите что-нить! ВСТАВИЛА В ФАЙРВАЙР 800 переходник на 400, туда вошел провод, а провод к камере камера работает в режиме воспроизведения, а кат пишет вставьте провод, он вообще камеру не видит, что делать???
t to t

Срочно нужен firewire 800!!!

Народ! Помогите! Надо видео на мак мини перегнать и срочно нужен такой шнурок или переходник хоть что-то! ААА!!! помогите!!!! если что есть пишите на ! Спасибо))
Dick Head

Premiere Stop Motion

In my class my teacher showed me how to use premier to capture stop motion frames.

I now have a home version of Premiere CS3 bu cant remember to to do it

he had us set it up so that if you hit the space bar it took a frame... anyone know how to do that?
Dick Head

Voice recognition App?

Theres been a PC app for year sthat will just listen to your voice and type your words...

does the Mac have something like that, I'd heard Apple had something like that a few years ago...

I suspect its something already in my harddrive and I just dont know about !

a buzz that was not there before...

hello all -


just mixed down (audio and nested) a sequence and the audio is fine in final cut after this.

however, after compressing in compressor i import to DVD Studio Pro and half way thru the track a very loud obnoxious buzz infiltrates and absolutely no natural audio is even hiding in the back ground.

i exported using QT trying to trouble shoot this issue and no buzzing happens there....
(a previous same sized completely project file using the same compressor settings in compressor do not yield the buzzing)

any thoughts?

Dick Head

i movie- film grain

made the mistake of running software update and now cant figure out the newest imovie

I edit in fcp, but I like like imovies film grain effect better

Ive done this a dozen times before

import a clip into fcp, add the film grain effect then export it it and bring this new film looking clip into fcp....

I cant figure out how to do this now....

HOW is this done in the next version?