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New iPhone - new Toozla! [Jan. 31st, 2012|12:17 pm]
Apple Pro Users




Dear Friends! We are finally pleased to share news with you about a new version of Toozla for iOS! On January 25, 2012 it became available for free in AppStore.

First of all, what is Toozla?
Toozla is a mobile service that combines a global positioning system with audio tours and stories, user content, and local information, it is a mobile guide, which follows you wherever you go! And it also allows you to record your own voice messages about all around for our users can get non-oficial points of view about those places, where they are now.

So, application for iPhone was released long ago, and time for a new version has come! For example, in previous version there was no map.
Toozla for Samsung bada, Nokia Symbian and MeeGo has received a map long time, so it’s necessity has been confirmed in practice. The application for iOS now uses Google map.

We also wanted Toozla for iPhone to be not only functional but beautiful either, so we have planned redesign for this version of the application. After all, handsome phone deserves truly beautiful apps:)

As a result, we didn't make ​​changes, we've done completely redesign.

Here, check it by yourselves:


           used to be                                                      now :)

Current update is the most significant over the past two years. The application received: a fundamentally new design, modification of algorithms of work with content, more convenient access to stories and a map for navigation in an unfamiliar city. The map is not only convenient to walk with around the city, it also allows users to see the location of important objects and choose the direction of movement toward the highest concentration of audio guides. It is worth recalling that the system contains over 2 million audio tracks in 16 languages.

Now we'll be pleased to receive any feedback from your useage of our new app for we can make it even better! :)